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AZURY is a Software House and IT Marketing Company with headquarters in Macau, China.

We add new perspectives, create reliable value, provide a service of excellence and effectively handle projects in I-Tech Marketing, Software Production, E-Commerce, Branding & Web Design, Information Technology, Hardware and Applied Electronics.

We develop our own e-commerce business models into maturity, but as well we engage in Technology Licensing, Seed Capital, Joint Ventures and IT Consulting.

Turnkey Setup Projects

Taking advantage of our Macau based head office and our own well established companies in Europe, we offer a value proposal to enable Asian companies to adapt its products and services to the specificities of European consumers.

With the mottus “Asian Excellence, European Marketing”, we help companies to set up and expand their business models in Europe, in the following fields of expertise:

Ongoing organic Business models

GEO Location application

New social media network

Cross border international marketplace

What we do

I-Tech Marketing

Software and IT tools that bring simplification and efficiency to business models, making easier to market products and to manage operations, by automate difficult, time-consuming and repetitive manual tasks to surface customer and workers insight.

Software Production

Software development from database sql to low level MCU programming. We find and develop sw custom turn-key solutions.

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E-presence for a business model using top-notch online stores and platforms, providing taylormade customization for full adherence with complex specifications and requirements.

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Branding & Web Design

The value of cutting edge beautiful finish to business models, by delivering final branded and designed solutions, complemented by coherent copywrite endorsement, integrated with our high-level strategic supervision.

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back staging your it

Cross-border CTO solutions, backing an organization by providing, installing and managing IT infrastructure. We create architectures of information delivering optimization and IT risk mitigation, including servers and databases development and support.

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Hardware and Applied Electronics

Not all projects can only be addressed using a computer keyboard and software technologies. With our hardware expertise we deliver custom hardware and prototypes solutions from scratch to final product.

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AZURY Software works for the people

To provide excellence in copy-writing and bond solutions with consumer emotions we provide final solutions to differentiate business models with the game changer added value of Digital Marketing, Content Creation and Professional Graphic & WebDesign.


Successful ready-to-market solutions should be able to bond business models with emotions. Thus, to trigger the right feelings on people the intrinsic nuances of language are paramount to create lasting digital contents.

Vinicius Barbizani - Head of Digital Contents

Meet the head partners

Diogo Caiado

Founding partner of Abraito Group, that includes companies such as Adhoc Wine & Spirits, The Lisbon Walker, Eating Bear, Azury Software House, among others.

Senior entrepreneur that expanded businesses organically to locations such as Brazil, Panama and China, besides sales channels to several other countries.

Msc in Business Administration – FCEE & Aarhus Business School - and Corporate Finance – London School of Economics.

Rui Cadete

Abraito Group Head Engineer. Azury Software Partner.

Master in Software, Hardware & Applied Electronics, excels in devising, developing and implementing a wide scope of projects in cutting edge industries.

Joined Azury with a proven track record in Altice, Siemens, and other IT powerhouses.

Msc in Electronics and Computer Science – Instituto Superior Técnico

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+351 91 431 24 64
+351 91 585 58 99

Address Av. Comercial de Macau, N20
AIA Tower. 251a
Special Administrative Region of Macau
People’s Republic of China



We offer a value proposal to enable Asian companies to adapt its products to the specificities of European consumers and requirements of the respective markets.


We develop our own business models and mature our projects mature into independent companies, private equity, licensing, or joint ventures.


We focus on delivering client-oriented results with an integrated vision applicable according to market conditions and businesses budget restrictions.


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